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Northern Lights Co Premium Fully Ceramic Distillate Cartridges test at 94%, with 100% organic award winning terpenes. No fillers, additives or vitamin E in these products. The fully ceramic cartridges are precision manufactured by Verified Vapes with the highest standards of quality and safety. Pairing these high grade distillates and terpenes with the proprietary heating technology of the fully ceramic hardware – it delivers unrivalled efficiency, flavour, and performance.


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Northern Lights, Grape Soda, Lemon Berry Tart, Fire OG, Paris OG, Banana Kush

2 reviews for 1.0ml Premium Distillate Cartridge | Indica

  1. Tyler Kearley (verified owner)

    Lemon Berry Tart – 5 out of 5!
    The flavor in this cartridge is absolutely amazing! It reminds me of the red, white and blue cyclone popsicle. As juicy as a starburst and definitely packs a punch! Have tried 7 of their 18 cartridges and this is by far my favorite and most recommended.

  2. J.D

    I pay $35 @ 1.0ml locally. This website wants $55. What gives? Price it right please.

    • Northern Lights

      Hi Jordan,

      There is a lot of variations when it comes to vapes which directly correlates to price point. We offer a premium product and don’t cut any corners.
      We use top of the line 93% Delta 9 Distillate, with award winning terpenes sourced from a company that is a leader in botanical extraction, terpene and aroma compound research.
      We do not cut corners – there is zero fillers, additives or diluents. Not only that we use fully ceramic cartridges that have less than 1% failure rate – clogging rarely happens which is a common issue with vapes on the market.

      We could offer a lower priced product but with that comes a lower testing distillate and cheaper hardware which can lead to issues and a less than desirable vaping experience, and that isn’t the market we are after.



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